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ufo seen in Cardiff 2nd May 2007

UFO REPORT by Jane McCarthy

The ufo photograph below was taken on the 7th June 2004 and shows a saucer like object in the sky in the South Wales area. Dave Coggins investigated a video of a ufo taken on the 4th August 2004 by another witness. A report of this incident was published in The Pontypridd Observer on the 12 August 2004.

ufo2           ufo

This ufo photograph was taken five minutes before Chris, Dave and I saw a black helicopter approach the area. (The full photograph is not shown - was shown at the Probe Conference March 2006)

In the next paranormal photograph you can clearly see a lilac beam of light. Chris and I were presented by Pontypool Church with a photograph very similar to this but with a pink beam of light. It makes me think there is more to these photographs than just light as they are different colours. Look closely at the cloud formation in the background.

light         ufo7

In the photograph by the side it shows a close up and I am certainly not sure whether this is ufo or a cloud - what do you think? Below is another close up of this image.

ufo8This photograph was taken on top of a mountain which overlooks the Brecon Beacons where a lot of ufo activity has taken place.

The following paranormal photographs were taken again on the 7th June 2004 but on a mountain top in South Wales called the ‘Devil’s Tooth.’ Four years ago many witnesses confirm a ufo was seen hovering on and around this mountain top. Twelve months ago police cars were chasing a ufo and there have been numerous ufo incidents in the last nine months.

ufo3To judge the size of the light you can see Chris at the bottom of the slightly lightened paranormal photograph to the left side The energy felt very high and strange at the top of the mountain. I always undertake healing and balancing of the energy lines - please see page ‘energy lines’ for details. I believe that this is the universal energy system and it makes sense that any visitors to our solar system would understand and therefore use this energy. It has been noticed that there is a lot of ufo activity around mountains and I believe that the reason why is that they are in a sense refueling. Below is another paranormal photograph of a blue energy line which was taken after the healing on that day on the mountain top. Three different makes of cameras were used to take photos that day and all of them took paranormal photographs.

blueley2   davejane

The paranormal photograph above right shows Dave and I just after the healing and again you can see an orb above us. Dave Coggins has investigated ufos in the South Wales area for over 30 years and has interviewed many witnesses who have encountered close contacts with ufos which include one gentleman who went out into his back garden in Gabalfa, Cardiff to find a huge craft in his garden. The gentleman commented that he could have touched the craft. Dave is only interested in ufo incidents and not ‘lights in the sky.’

Photographs copyright Jane McCarthy 2004, 2005,  2006 & 2007.


Sunday 9th September 2004 -Barry, South Wales

Doug and Wendy Grant report an interesting sighting of an object seen over Cardiff Rhoose airport. At 3.20 in the afternoon Wendy noticed a bright star like object coming towards them. When it came overhead they were surprised at its shape describing it as kite like with no fuselage and making no sound. It was between 2/3000 ft up, and over the airport. The following day Monday Doug rang the airport. He spoke to the manager who promised to investigate. Two days later he phoned back to state he had contacted various authorities and nothing had been seen at the airport, or on Radar. Doug was given a number of the MOD in London. A recorded message asked him to give details. He gave his name and address but has heard nothing since.

Another report has been made that a ufo was seen on the 4th September 2004 by a Mr Evans from Port Talbot who stated he saw a saucer craft.

UFO - CARDIFF - 2004 by Jane McCarthy

UFO photograph taken at a well known beauty spot in Cardiff. Both Chris and I have had ufo experiences. On one occasion, Chris was with two of his friends when he saw hovering close above them what can only be described as a vacuum cleaner bag. I have seen ufos on several occasions and one of these occasions I will be describing in detail soon on this page.

ufo copyIn this ufo photograph you can see a light in the left hand side of the sky. In the following picture is a close up of this light. It appears that this ufo came out of the large orb - if you sit back and look closely you should be able to see the round circle in the tree?

Below is a photograph which could be described as maybe dimensional and very similar to the above but this is the end of the ‘tunnel’ or ‘wormhole.’ This photograph were taken by The bardofely aka Steve at:-


orbinsky  orbinsky2


All photographs copyright Chris and Jane McCarthy 2003, 2004,  2005, 2006 & 2007

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Therefore, it is not pure coincidence that you are reading this at this particular time. I sincerely hope, trust and believe that as you read further there will be something that makes an impact for you. This may cause you to change your ideas or belief. It may even cause you to investigate further or for you to examine things in more depth.


I am by nature a curious inquisitive person interested in unusual or paranormal events. I look for logical and plausible explanations, and it is only when these are not apparent that I am drawn to other conclusions. I live in Pontypridd, Wales and have been a ufo investigator for thirty years. My first interest in ufo's began when numerous normal people related daytime encounters which were impossible to prove or disprove. However the reliability of their evidence was compelling, and nothing could change their description of the events. UFO's they definitely exist. The question is What are they? Where are they from?

An easy example and proof is area 51 {Groom Lake} in USA, Nevada. The USA government lied to their courts that this place existed only to be convincingly exposed when Russian spy satellites finally revealed the location. The real significance of this is vital. Firstly Bob Lazard gave details of alien craft he had seen when he worked there. Next Charles Hall recently describes in his books Millennial Hospitality how he not only saw but contacted alien beings{Tall Whites} in this area. A retired worker states that he knows for certain that since 1947 millions of tons of concrete have been poured into that area, and that there are at least thirteen underground levels. There is a steady drip down of information, so that the TRUTH when finally revealed will not prove too much of a shock.

TRUTH - What is truth?

Is it what we are told or what we are programmed or allowed to know by the media? Margaret Thatcher is credited with the view TELL THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY NEED TO KNOW. Margaret Thatcher is believed to have set up a team known as group 58 specifically to investigate and seal off areas where UFO activity had or was about to take place, information has been given indicating that the authorities knew or were even expecting arrival of craft. If anyone has information regarding this group or it's activities then please contact me on coggins646@btinternet.com My own personal experience in investigating this was to have had my phone illegally taped and other nasty experiences. Whilst being interested in UFOs there are many fringe connections that need further investigations, crop circles cattle mutilations and abduction experiences. This brings me to hypnosis. I was trained to do hypnosis to stage standard by a local butcher called Frank Hadley, who used hypnosis as entertainment at local clubs many years ago. This" Coincidence" led me to taking part in a video tape called Abductions, which was a very professionally produced video. I regressed two persons from Bristol to discover recollections they had due to close contact with UFO's. Later, I came into contact with many people who had apparently "lost Time " as a result of close encounters with UFO's.

I now have a collection of video tapes of over thirty hours when ordinary people describe incredible detailed events of what "Happened" to them after having close contact with UFO's. These details are only revealed whilst under hypnosis. My own conclusions are although I put them into a state of hypnosis, I never tell them what to say. Frequently they have had no knowledge of what they have said. The questions most ask." Did that really happen to me? My answer "If not then you deserve the highest Oscar for your" performance"

Past Lives.

At sometime many of us have experienced the idea seen that or been here before. I have personally witnessed people under hypnosis who not only have they given details of other lives but have been able to speak other languages, whilst under hypnosis. The magic, powers and abilities of our mind never cease to amaze me. If anything that I have written prompts questions or interest I will be pleased to reply. I began with my interest in UFO's. This is still one of my great interests. I am convinced that they exist and that maybe members of our own government at the very top are totally unaware of what is really happening.


David Coggins - 6 April 2006

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