Psychic Investigations 3

This investigation has been shown on BBC 1, BBC Wales and BBC 2

PENHOW CASTLE - Nr Newport, Gwent

Psychic Investigators: Chris and Jane McCarthy, Dave Coggins and Gaynor Mullins with the BBC Film Crew

Penhow Castle's owner, Stephen Weeks, has lived in Penhow Castle for over thirty years and has experienced many ghostly manifestations. A dinner party was interrupted by music from a ghostly string quartet playing in the drawing room and many times he has heard footsteps on the wooden staircase which had the initials AK carved into it. In the cemetery, attached to the small church outside Penhow Castle, there is the grave of a young girl called Ann Keene aged nine years old. The Psychic Investigators were called in by the BBC to investigate. None of the team were told of any of the history of the castle.

Penhow3The picture to the left hand side was just taken before the team was split up into groups. The intention was for the groups to search through the castle for paranormal activity. Chris and I were in a large room which was open to the public which looked like a banqueting hall with a large table in the middle. On the walls were plaques showing coats of arms. Here there was a very strong male spirit energy. I got out the sketch pad and drew a psychic art picture of a man aged around 40s with a beard. Gaiety, laughter and also tragedy happened in this room which led into another large room where there was a old fireplace - see paranormal photograph below.

fireorb2If you notice at the bottom left hand side of the fireplace is a large orb. A close up of this orb can be seen in the picture below on the right hand side. In another part of the castle Dave and Gaynor were going up the stairs where Gaynor felt a cold spot and the hairs on her arm stood on end.


orbShe felt the energy of a young lady standing behind her. This was where Stephen Weeks had heard the footsteps. Later we all congregated at the top bedroom which contained a large four poster bed. Both Gaynor and I felt this room had experienced some misfortune and I got the sketch pad out and drew a psychic art picture of a young girl. This picture was later given to Stephen Weeks as a memento of our visit.  Above the bed was a spirit orb and Chris took a picture of the orb which was captured by the BBC film crew. The following paranormal photograph shows the picture that was taken.

bed       bedorb copy


A close up of the orb photograph is by the side - please note that this picture has been slightly lightened. Finally, we all went out into the courtyard where many paranormal photographs were taken. Spirit were all around us. One thing that came through very strong were the letters CM over and over again until the letters sounded like the name Seymour. Looking back over the history of the castle after the psychic investigation the name Seymour is mentioned. Sir Roger de St Maur was at Penhow by 1129 and the name was pronounced or known as ‘Seymours.’

outside5The photograph to the left hand side shows the entrance to Penhow Castle. Notice the Coat of Arms above the doorway. Dave Coggins and Chris are with the camera man from the BBC.

Please see the official website for Penhow Castle for the history:-



All of us felt that the castle is haunted and that the courtyard was one of the strongest areas of spirit energy. Several paranormal photographs showed orbs in the courtyard. The Castle is on an energy line which will increase any paranormal activity. Indeed, when I sat alone in my front room after the visit looking through the photographs I saw a spirit orb right in front of me. It looked like a golf ball and then it slowly vanished but a shadow in full figure was in the room - spooky. If you want a real ghostly experience this castle is worth a visit.


An enlightening and interesting email received from Christopher Weeks April 2006 explaining what it was like to live in Penhow Castle:-

I just read your investigation article of Penhow Castle done on August 29th 2002. It is very interesting that you found so many orbs all over the castle and learnt about Anne and the Seymours. My name is Christopher Weeks and I am the nephew to the previous owner Stephen Weeks. Unfortunately he and I don't keep in contact but I keep track with the castle on websites to see it progress. But the information I get online is old. I have just learnt that it has been sold to a London businessman and his family in December 2002 and intends to make the castle into a fully private residence. I hope they can live along with Anne Keen and the Seymour family. swords2Did you investigate the 17th century rooms at all? That stair case with Anne's initials’ in the bottom is where I heard the footsteps too. I have also heard the music and felt the cold presence while walking through the castle. I can't say I am psychic but I do have a little bit of a gift. Sometimes the feelings I got were unpleasant but not always. I don't know if ghosts/spirits get used to people but I found that the more I occupied the castle and its rooms, the nicer the castle became. Whenever I would enter the castle I would tell it ‘hello’. Call me crazy but it helped. The Seymour Chamber is quite spooky and I have as much as I tried, I always felt uneasy there. I used to stay in the Tudor room where I was visited once. I woke up one night dripping with sweat, my heart racing fast and sat straight up in my bed to a feeling that someone was very close in the room. Eventually the feeling eased off and I went back to sleep but I knew there was something in the room. On the opposite side of the wall in my room was the Seymour chamber which could have something to do with it. Stephen had 2 black cats also. (Swords taken during psychic investigation - notice orb by the side of them)

roof2       rooforb2

Close up of orb in the roof - please note that the outside has been darkened and the inside lightened in order that you can see inside the orb.

Runsey and Sophie who would follow me up to the battlements and follow me back down with no problems or hesitation to anything in the rooms. My father is the one who discovered that Secret passage way that links the Great Hall to the dining room under the Seymour Chamber. It was once used that a cloak room before the other part (the dining room and Seymour chamber) was built. I am so glad a team like yours has visited the Castle and you found out and know what I know, plus have proof to show it. If you have any more photos that you could share I would be grateful. Recently I have become interested in ghost hunting after watching these ghost hunting programs on tv. I hope the new owners treat the castle with respect as I have said before the spirits present aren’t keen on strangers who aren’t pleasant in spirit themselves

I cleaned, polished, dusted, built fires in the fireplaces, all the usual household chores. It was funny when I watched the BBC footage video clip and at the end when the host said that if you are going ghost hunting in the castle, don't go alone. I used to do the guided tours almost everyday and late into the night, and have to walk through the castle alone. Come to think of it another spooky place was the sitting room behind the lower hall. As you are in there it feels as if someone tall is there with you, and follows through the old wine cellar, into the victorian sitting room. I felt that several times but I didn't mind. While I was there we had done an excavation of the court yard and found it to be a huge hole for garbage, we found bones, broken plates, cups, and I found a needle. I seems that when its real use was done with (collecting water probably) it was filled in and is now what it is.

PenhowTo to right hand side is one of the orbs taken in the courtyard - notice it looks like a doorway - can you see a shelf with something on?

Funny how the courtyard had the most spiritual activity, because that was the most comfortable place to sit, relax in the sun and read a book, or chat with friends. When you were talking about someone standing on the stair case who would wait for people to pass, that is where I would stand also, no matter if someone was at the top coming down, I would stand there and wait....wierd huh? - Christopher Weeks

If you now own Penhow Castle, Christopher Weeks and the Psychic Investigators team would love to undertake another Psychic Investigation there. God bless and thank you Christopher for allowing us to publish your email and your kind comments.

Story & Photographs copyright Jane McCarthy 2006

Psychic Investigation - Little Chef at Longparish - 20 January 2004 - Attending:-

Psychic Investigators - Christopher and Jane McCarthy, Dave Coggins, Gaynor Mullins and Mike

Jane Goldman with film crew from her Paranormal Programme for Channel 4, UK Living etc

The Little Chef at Longparish were experiencing some unusual difficulties. One of the employees felt that her Aunt that had died, called Alice, was haunting the Little Chef. In addition, two of the other employees would not go into the back room which used to be a tearoom to collect equipment in order to clean the premises. The two girls experienced feelings of unease and a presence. Indeed, when I was telephoned to inquire whether our team of investigators could come out the staff were quite frightened and there were reports of bread rolls being thrown at customers and objects moving with cold spots appearing. The Psychic Investigators were called in.

Poltergeist activity is quite rare and different from the usual paranormal events such as a haunting. It could be happening for many reasons. On one occasion, it was the psychic energy of a young person who was sensitive that caused a lot of dramatic poltergeist like activity. In another case, it was an unbalanced energy line which was negative causing a lot of adverse activity such as objects flying through the air etc. When the energy is naturally high, psychic activity is increased and spirit and guides around people can be more easily sensed by those who do not normally feel anything. It may be that the young member of staff at the Little Chef had around her the spirit of her aunt guiding her but because of the high energy was able to sense, hear or see her which she would not normally do.

In this psychic investigation the energy lines of the area would have to be worked out. To do this I bought an ordnance Survey map of the area and proceeded to dowse for the energy lines around the Little Chef. After working hours on the map it showed three important sites. Two of these dowsed negative. One of the areas was approximately 2 to 3 miles away. In fact, this site had many, many energy lines going through it making it a very prominent and important high energy centre which dowsed negative and may be one of the reasons for the activity in the Little Chef. It was proved by Rob England, an employee, that one of the energy lines shown on the ordnance survey map from this centre indeed went through the Long Parish Little Chef.

janegoldmanDuring this pre-investigation work I was contacted by a researcher from Jane Goldman's Paranormal Programme asking if we had any cases of poltergeist activity. I was delighted to tell them of this case which they were very interested in and decided to film the psychic investigation on the 20 January 2004. Photograph to the right - Jane Goldman at the Psychic Investigation.

Immediately upon arriving Mike, Gaynor and I felt the high energy. The local press were there to meet us and the first pictures of paranormal activity were shown on the journalist, Jo, from the Andover Advertiser. Below is a copy of Jo’s article showing her outside the Little Chef with Gaynor and myself. Paranormal photographs show a moving orb on Jo's leg - see paranormal photographs below.

longparish4This is a copy of the article which appeared in the Andover Advertiser about the ghostly goings on in Longparish. On the front page you can see Jo, Gaynor and myself outside the Little Chef.


The above paranormal photograph shows the orbs on Jo’s leg. Below shows the orbs on Jo’s leg close up. The one close up photograph shows the inside of the paranormal activity in more details as I have darkened the outside of the orbs and lightened the inside. If you look carefully you can see some faces.

jo6           jo7

The next paranormal photograph shows an orb under table 9 near the ‘Drinks Area’ where staff have reported most of the poltergeist activity takes place in the Little Chef. A close up photograph of the orb by the side which reveals what appears to be a face.

littlechef3         Littlechef1


Gaynor and I proceeded to pick up a lot of spirit in the Little Chef not just one. On dowsing the restaurant it appears that there were two energy lines crossing in the corridor leading to the little back room where the employees were frightened to go. Obviously, the high unbalanced energy was causing problems and allowing a lot of paranormal activity. Gaynor and I arranged to make notes of what we were picking up agreeing to exchange our findings at a meeting at the end in order that we would get more proof of what exactly was there. As the land where the Little Chef is located is so close to an abbey it could transpire that it was in past centuries abbey land and indeed I picked up monks.

art1Gaynor picked up on the lady who ran the tearoom and through the psychic art we were able to confirm that one of the spirits in the Little Chef indeed could be this lady. Gaynor described the lady as bird like, strict and not happy. gentlemanI picked up a gentleman and as I drew his picture (see right hand side) he was stroking my hair. Two female employees of the Little Chef had also experienced the feeling of their hair being stroked.As the light was going it was agreed that Rob England would accompany Christopher, Gaynor and myself to the important energy location 2/3 miles away. On the ordnance survey map it looked like a small footpath to a tumuli. This tumuli was where all the energy lines converged. When we arrived we could only go so far in the vehicles and it was very dark so we could not immediately find the footpath. However, there were two small houses adjacent to very large gates which looked like the entrance to a big house. As it appeared we were lost Chris and I proceeded to knock on the door of one of the houses and it was confirmed by the occupant that we were indeed by the footpath and close to or in fact on the tumuli. I got out the dowsing rods- yes we were in the correct area. The two girls from the Little Chef by now had joined us and we stood in a circle to say prayers to balance the energy centre.

Healing of the energy should not be undertaken by anyone who is not experienced as it can cause sickness and adverse effects. On this occasion, I instructed all what to do and as soon as the prayers were over three of us were pushed from behind. Christopher, my husband, is the biggest skeptic and has not changed his mind in the 17 years I have known him. But that night he too felt like he was being pushed from either side, a squeezing effect. Both Rob and myself felt the push and indeed the impact made me drop the rods onto the floor.  We were all pleased to hear that the filming crew had captured the push on camera. Rob had never experienced anything like it and agreed with Chris that he was a skeptic but now is a firm believer in poltergeist activities and that there is more to the paranormal than he thought. Chris took photographs after the healing and was amazed to see the following photographs

gaynor3         gaynor5


One paranormal photograph shows Rob with a large orb above his head. To the right hand side is a close up of the orb - please note that the photograph has been slightly lightened.

rob3         rob4

The second healing in the other location proved to be balanced and nothing out of the unusual happened. On arriving back at the Little Chef, Gaynor remarked in the change of the energy of the place. We held our meeting and a lot of the research work is ongoing by Dave Coggins. One thing that I did pick up was that the Little Chef was built on hallow ground and Dave Coggins on interviewing the staff did find out that there were old yew trees in the garden. Yew trees are renown to be planted in grave yards.

7 March 2004:-

I telephoned the Little Chef and spoke to Rob England who states that they have not had any further paranormal/poltergeist problems since the psychic investigation. On telephoning Rob in April 2004 he reported that an employee still felt her hair being stroked.

This investigation was reported in the Andover Advertiser in January. In addition, story published in the Psychic Voice Newspaper May 2004.

Written and copyright by Jane McCarthy 2004, Photographs copyright Christopher and Jane McCarthy 2004

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St. David is the Patron saint of Wales and was born and baptized not far from the present cathedral. He founded a Monastery at Vallis Rosina where the cathedral now stands. His dates are unknown but he is thought to have died either in 589 or 602. St. Davids Cathedral has been and is a place of pilgrimage. Below is a paranormal photograph from inside the Cathedral. I have noticed over the years that the pure white orbs with a purple or lilac colour on the outside are usually captured around or in a monastery or places of high energy such as old and still used churches.

StDavids2     Below is a close up of the orb.


St Davids is a very impressive Cathedral and to see more click on the link below which will take you to the official website:-


Another paranormal photograph in the same place as above can be seen below.

StDavids3         orb4


The orb photograph below is the same close up as above but the background has been darkened and the orb lightened more in order that you can see inside.

orb2If you look carefully you can see a face down in the bottom right hand side. In the one to the left hand side the face is now clearer and you can see a shape like a hat above the head. The orb also looks more blue.

These paranormal photographs were taken in broad daylight that day.

Photographs copyright Christopher McCarthy 2005

Psychic Investigations (3) 2008


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