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picture2This Psychic Investigation was part of a competition with 'Fate & Fortune' (Take-a-Break) magazine:-

WhiteLion1The White Lion, Llantwit Major- Psychic Investigation 10 April 2004


New paranormal video about this Psychic Investigation on YouTube:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2ZWv1ZD6d0

I was contacted by a fellow Healer Counsellor, called Malcolm, who stated that the White Lion Hotel had commissioned a website designer, called Rob, to promote the hotel. Apparently, Rob who is interested in the paranormal took a photograph of one of the hotel’s bedrooms and there appeared the ghostly face of a young girl. I contacted the hotel and spoke to the Licencee, Jimmy Lee, who explained that there was a lot of paranormal activity going on not only in the pub but also in the Oast House which had been converted into a hotel. Ashtrays were moving and smashing, cold spots appearing, unusual noises and people seeing ghosts. The Psychic Investigators were called in to undertake an investigation.

Psychic Investigators: Christopher and Jane McCarthy, Mike

On arriving, we met Jimmy who explained that he had kept two bedrooms for our use which were well known to have paranormal activity. On interviewing Jo Carter, an employee of the hotel, it became apparent that bedroom 3 had an unusual amount of paranormal activity. Jo was frightened to go upstairs in this bedroom as the bed, rugs and stool moved regularly and sends her little boy up to check first before seeing to the room. This bedroom has a metal spirial staircase and Jo explained that the upstairs which is now a bedroom used to be a dance floor. The wooden floor can clearly be seen from underneath, please see the Hotel's website for pictures:-


As Jo was explaining the extent of paranormal activity on video camera I saw a shadow come down the spirial staircase and pointed to it just as Mike exclaimed:-

’Did you see that.'

Mike has only ever seen spirit once before and that was the ghost of my late dog but both of us saw something come down the spirial staircase. Many paranormal photographs were taken in the room which show spirit orbs on the stool in front of the dressing table, on the wardrobe and generally around the walls of the room.

photo4         photo5

The picture above is a close up of the orb.  Please note that the outside has been darkened and the inside lightened for you to see inside.

Jo recognised one of the psychic art pictures and I explained that as I was drawing it the spirit gave me the impression he was a farmer who was slightly blind in one eye and around the age of 65 years old. The farmer had told me he lived around the beginning of the 1900s. Jo also stated that she could sense and see spirit and that neither she nor the staff would stay the night in the Oast House as they were too frightened. Please see below the psychic artwork of the farmer.

ghostface1We interviewed Melvin Williams next who had been a resident of the hotel for approximately two years. Melvin also recognised the farmer's picture and confirmed this fact in the 'Fate and Fortune' article. Melvin went on to explain that one night after the pub was closed he experienced a burst of cold air rushing past him and six others in the bar. Curious, he followed the direction of the cold breeze and noticed an old gentleman, dressed in clothes that he described could only belong to the 1900s, sitting in an alcove. He proceeded to sit opposite him to watch and he took in all the details of the ghostly figure. He described him as around the age of 65 -70 years old, wearing horn rimmed glasses and appeared not to notice him but looking at an old ledger that was on the table. Melvin was not frightened and said out loud to the ghost

’I don't know who you are but may God be with you.'

Melvin has also experienced something get into bed with him in the night time. In addition, he also stated that on waking up he felt his body being touched and being half awake thinking it a dream but then on waking up fully the interference carried on and he jumped out of bed telling the spirit to go away.

girlsface2In bedroom 3 Chris interviewed me as I drew two more pictures of a young girl. One of these pictures has been recognised as the image that appeared in the photograph that the website designer had taken - see psychic art picture to the left. On tape, I described the anguish of the young girl who stated she lived close by in the middle of three terraced cottages around the 1715. Her name was D. Fitzgerald and the cottage could be found on the road to the Dairy Farm. She also stated that she was very mischievous as she was the spirit that was touching the residents in the night. She was 14 years old when she was raped and murdered by a priest!

girlsface1This priest she could not forgive and his name she gave as Father Thomas of the local Parish. I then started to hear another spirit that of the priest who begged forgiveness of the young girl and asked to be released. His guilt had led him to help those who had passed over to come to terms with death and to help them on their way to the light. He could not forgive himself for what he had done. After the interview Chris took a photograph of the bed where I sat and you can clearly see two spirit orbs. Please see the other psychic art picture of the girl above to the right hand side.

PublicHouseorbParanormal photographs were taken in the main Public House and to the left hand side is a close up of one of the better orb photographs. This orb was photographed on one of the bricked wall inside the public house. If you look carefully you can see faces within the orb.  Before leaving the White Lion Hotel we took one final photograph of the Oast House and a huge orb was by the side of the chimney. I give below the paranormal photographs of the Oast House. 

OastHouse         orb10

Above is a close up of the blue orb which has been slightly lightened for you to see inside.


We intend to do a psychic investigation of this hotel again as many of the stories of what is haunting this place have yet to be investigated. In the cellar there is a tunnel which apparently has been blocked off. This tunnel used to connect the four pubs which are close together and then run into one central tunnel which came out at the beach as Llantwit Major is on the coastline of South Wales. Indeed, there is a tunnel in the cellar and the paranormal photograph below shows a spirit orb right behind me as I went up this spooky dark place. By the side of the paranormal photograph is a close up of the orb:-

cellar2     cellarorb2


One of the employees confirms that a young barman four years ago went down into the cellar and witnessed crates everywhere and a dark shape writhing around on the floor with further crates being pushed off the shelves. Unfortunately, that barman left the pub and was never to be seen again inside the White Lion Hotel.

The most amazing part of the story of the young girl and priest has yet to be told. This is amazing and I never connected it at the time. I wanted some photographs of the outside of The White Lion Hotel and Oast House in daylight so Chris and I went the following week. Chris took the photographs and I stayed in the car. As soon as we arrived I felt the spirit of the priest sitting next to me.

The priest told me he was sorry and could we remain friends. I was not sure what he meant so I asked him. He stated that I used to bring my child to Cowbridge Common to go horse riding whilst Chris and I had breakfast in a cafe close by. Year after year I would talk to the spirit of a priest who I thought was wonderful because he had stayed behind or earth bound to help those who have passed over. Every time we went to the cafe, which was often, and we still go to this day, I would meet up with this priest. Quietly without saying a word I would say prayers for the energies to be balanced and for those passed over that the priest had collected and we would talk and I would thank him. I had the biggest shiver all over when he told me that he was this priest and for 300 years had been doing this job in order that God would forgive him. Poor man. I prayed for him and for his soul and asked that he could forgive himself as God had already forgiven him a long time ago. I hope and pray that the spirit of the young girl will find it in her heart to forgive him. Cowbridge is located approximately six miles from Llantwit Major.

JIMMY2To the right is a photograph of Jimmy and Melvin with their friends from The White Lion Public House. The bricked wall is the one where the orb on the home page was photographed. The draw for the competition with Take a Break, ‘Fate and Fortune’ took place within the White Lion Public House and Jimmy Lee picked the winning postcard out of approximately 1400 entries. The winner, Selena Lambert from London, decided to bring her niece, Claire. I truly believe that they were meant to be there for a very spooky, eventful paranormal weekend in Llantwit Major and one I think they will not forget for some time to come. Prior to the investigation, I was contacted by Beckie, who is a media student and part of a team from UWIC who wanted to film the psychic investigation as part of a project of filming ‘A day in the life of a Psychic Investigator’ for their exams. I always believe that there is no such thing as coincidence and they too were meant to be at Llantwit Major for this weekend. Finally, I was contacted by a fellow colleague and healer called Malcolm who originally made me aware of the paranormal activities in this public house. Malcolm asked if he could also attend along with his daughter if it was possible. Again, I readily agreed knowing that all who were meant to be there would be there for a reason.

Date of Investigation: Weekend 13/14 November 2004

Psychic Investigators attending: Christopher and Jane McCarthy, Dave Coggins and Pam Pitten

Chris and I picked up Selena and Claire from Cardiff Railway Station on the Saturday morning of the investigation to take them to Llantwit Major. What beautiful girls. We immediately hugged each other. I think they were a little nervous about the weekend but as we settled into the journey and got to know each other they soon relaxed and were laughing. We took Selena and Claire down to the beach to see the South Wales Coastline and then back to the White Lion for them to settle in until the night time for the Psychic Investigation. We entered bedroom three which is the one with the spiral staircase leading to another double bed upstairs on part of the old wooden dance floor. Selena and Claire loved the bedroom and decided that they would sleep in the double bed upstairs for the first night. We came back downstairs and as I was talking to Selena outside the bathroom a breeze of cold air lifted up her poncho that she was wearing. Selena was not worried by this but slightly amused. This was the start of the paranormal activities leading to a memorable weekend. I felt this was the spirit of the mischievous girl described in the first part of our investigation.

Selena and Claire slept on the beds downstairs in the afternoon to get ready for the investigation and the following paranormal photographs were taken from Claire's bed after that sleep.

bed1           orb


Beckie and her team of two girls arrived for the filming and they joined us all in bedroom three to discuss the agenda for the investigation. Beckie and her team filmed in bedroom six with Pam and Selena whilst Dave filmed in Bedroom three with Chris, Claire and myself. I immediately said Prayers and asked for the energies to be healed and balanced. I also prayed for any spirits trapped to go to the light and not to be afraid as they will be met by their family and friends who have already passed over. The previous night I had been visited by the priest. I have seen him twice before late at night in my bedroom. This had not upset me even though he had arrived via a black orb. This orb came towards the bed and as it got bigger I could see a dark figure in the centre. On one occasion, Judy, my dog barked in the corner of the room late at night as the black orb arrived. I went to bed as usual knowing that he had come for a reason. The priest had come to visit the night before this investigation.

bedThat very night after I said the Prayers in bedroom three, I saw the black orb again but this time it was disappearing away from me and the black of the circle around the dark figure was now purple. I didn’t know at the time what this meant but more on this later. Chris clicked away with the camera and more paranormal photographs were taken. The one paranormal photograph to the left shows an orb on the bed. As I started to draw the psychic art more paranormal photographs were taken showing orbs all around us and even one on my hand as I was drawing. A cold wind whooshed behind Claire and myself as we sat on the settee. Claire was not frightened but apprehensive and also pleased to feel spirit herself. Dave filmed the flow of conversation between spirit and myself describing a shipwreck approximately two miles from our location. Many lost their lives at this shipwreck and spirit explained that only six souls survived. This story was about the farmer who Melvin saw earlier in this investigation.

The spirit of the sailor explained that the ship has called into a port further down the coastline towards Cardiff but had originally sailed over from the french coastline. It was sailing up the welsh coastline to call at further ports but went down approximately two miles from Llantwit Major. After the investigation, I spoke to Jimmy in the pub who told me of a famous shipwreck further down the coastline towards Monknash approximately two miles. Chris and I decided to investigate further the following weekend. I found a website which described what happened and the dates are the same as ‘part one’ of the story around the beginning of the 1700s. Apparently, there was a group of people consisting mainly of landowners and farmers who were interested in the illegal exportation of wool to France. Another group were the smugglers of spirits and they were of a lower class, called ‘wreckers.’ These were brutal people who lived in the villages of St. Donat’s, Marcross Cwm, in close proximity to the cliffs where the Nash Lighthouses now stand; Monknash, Dunraven and Southerndown.

Before the lighthouses were erected the wreckers of those neighbourhoods would fasten lighted lanterns to the panniers on donkeys. The animals were then led up and down the shore in stormy conditions on sighting a ship. The sailors would mistake them for friendly lights and make for the shore only for their vessel to be shattered on the terrible rocks or dashed to pieces on the cliffs.

Below is a photograph of the lighthouse taken on the 21 November 2004 and by the side is a psychic art picture which was drawn on the same day and location. I feel that this gentleman is connected to Nash Lighthouses. If you recognise the portrait kindly contact me at welshmedium@hotmail.com

lighthouse         face3

Pam also picked up on spirit connected to the sea when the pair of us sat in bedroom three. Pam described a sailor called Phillipe and the circumstances leading up to a shipwreck.face1This session was video filmed by Chris in night vision. Pam felt another spirit and picked up on the farmer in the Public House but didn’t like what she felt around him particularly in the first part of the cellars. To the left is the psychic art picture which we presume is of one of the sailors. All of us went down into the cellar and tunnels underneath the White Lion. We took torches and turned most of the lights off. Chris was up one end of the tunnel and most of us were down the other end in a strange light. I saw an orb come down the tunnel and as we stood in the cellar room at the bottom end the following paranormal photograph was taken of Beckie. On Beckie there are two orbs and a close up of the one orb by her hair has been slightly lightened for you to see inside.

beckie2   beckie3



Beckie had an experience down in the cellar just after this photograph was taken that took her a long time to recover from. I sat with her upstairs for a while afterwards and she admitted that her heart beat had still not returned to normal. It was the first time that she had felt spirit and she told me it was one experience she would never forget. Beckie told me that she saw paranormal activity on the film from the cellar when we were in the tunnel. This video is shown on webpage entitled ‘video clip 2.’

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A lot of paranormal activity was in the cellar and the following paranormal photograph shows an orb by the side of Kerry (one of Beckie’s team). To the right hand side is a close up of this orb which has been slightly lightened.

cellarorb4             cellarorb




orb1In the cellar the paranormal orb photograph to the left was taken. If you look carefully you can see a picture scene inside. Chris and I are taking more of these dimensional orbs.

Chris and I went to the Nash Lighthouses on the 21 November 2004 and as we went through Llantwit Major I felt spirit. When I feel spirit I tingle but when a fact is ‘spot on’ I get a big shiver that goes right the way through me like someone is walking over my grave. I had the biggest shiver when spirit explained that the priest had passed over and I was delighted that his mind was now at peace. The spirit went on to explain that he would not pass over until another priest released him. I was surprised and explained that I had not been ordained but the spirit told me that I had undertaken church services for over ten years as a lay preacher and was recognised as a ‘priest’ by spirit. In addition, spirit also confirmed that the farmer’s spirit walks the White Lion Public House because he was murdered there and taken half dead down into the cellar. This confirms what Pam had received from spirit during the second investigation and also maybe what the young barman had seen.


There was a lot of evidence gathered from the two investigations such as paranormal photographs, confirmation and recognition of the psychic art pictures, research evidence confirming what was received from spirit via the mediums but there was more startling pieces of evidence of paranormal activity. When Selena and Claire stayed in the White Lion they not only got paranormal orb photographs they also got video footage of orbs moving around bedroom three chasing each other. These two girls had never been on an psychic investigation and Claire was a little bit skeptical. However, this weekend has been an ‘eye opener’ for them. I think that Llantwit Major will see you both again, God bless you both.

The final startling piece of evidence is again another video footage that Chris had taken when Pam and I sat together in bedroom three. A bright light can be seen as opening up like a dimension and a small object moved from by the side of Pam’s leg over to me and disappeared. A split second after another object from the same area followed the first and again disappeared around my hands. All who have seen it are amazed. This video footage can be seen in the webpage entitled ‘video clip 1.’ In addition, Beckie also filmed down in the cellar and captured a moving orb along with other paranormal activity and this can also be seen in the webpage ‘video clip 2.’


The spirit of the young girl made her presence felt in my house on the day I wrote this article and explained that she had decided to stay behind for a reason. She confirmed that the priest had now passed over and she intended to carry on the work that he was doing in the area by collecting the spirits of those newly passed over to help and guide them. The young girl spirit was very emotional and the pair of us were close to tears but I had the biggest shiver when she said she was now going to help. Thank you darling and God bless you.

This story is published in the ‘Psychic Voice’ Newspaper February/March 2005. A big thank you to Jimmy Lee for letting us undertake this psychic investigation.

Story and psychic art pictures copyright Jane McCarthy 2004.

Photographs copyright Christopher and Jane McCarthy 2004



Orbs, murder, a visiting sailor - and an experience I will never forget by Beckie Jordan

Sometimes things happen because they were meant to.  Sometimes you are meant to be in a certain place at a certain time and sometimes you are meant to meet people who, well, you were meant to meet.

The time; 9.30 p. m. The place; The White Lion Hotel in Llantwit Major. The occasion - no, not my date with a hunky young fellow who would whisk me off my feet and carry me off into the moonlight. No, I had a date with the paranormal and boy, was I looking forward to it. Having always been a fan of ghosts and all things spooky, my motley crew, Gemma, Kerry and myself were offered the chance to accompany Jane McCarthy and her team on a psychic investigation as part of our degree.

The White Lion Hotel and Oast House is situated in the small village of Llantwit Major around 30 minutes from Cardiff in the Vale of Glamorgan. The pub dates back to around the 1800s and the Oast House situated directly behind the pub dates back to around 1887.

We arrived in Llantwit Major on what was probably the coldest night I'd ever experienced and this made me wonder what on earth had possessed me to embark on such an adventure. We met up with Jane and her team which included two magazine competition winners from London who had won the chance to accompany Jane on this particular investigation. We introduced ourselves and were then lead to one of the guest rooms in the Oast House to begin the night's investigation. Now, being an avid fan of Most Haunted on Living TV, I admit I was expecting flamboyant Derek Acorah and screaming Yvette Fieldings at every turn accompanied with tears tantrums and things that go bump in the night.  Oh, how wrong I was, or so I thought.

We were split up into two groups one staying downstairs in bedroom 3 and the other was taken upstairs into bedroom 6 to see if we could connect with any spirit that was present. I was taken upstairs with my crew and a competition winner with Pam Pitten another medium on the investigative team. We sat on one of the beds and said a prayer for protection.  Pam started to meditate and as our camera started to roll Pam pointed out that there were two maids sitting in between the competition winner and myself.  I didn't get slightly cold on my left hand side.  It was strange to think that someone was sitting next to me and I couldn't see them but this was just the beginning of a very eventful night.

Once we had finished our vigil we proceeded to go downstairs into bedroom 3 to film a trance session with Pam and Jane.  I had never seen anyone go into a trance before and there was an air of anticipation as to what information Pam would come up with.  As we sat and recorded Pam meditate and then proceed to go into trance, Pam 'became' a sailor by the name of Philippe who had lived in the village many, many years ago and he proceeded to talk about how his ship was wrecked and that lives were lost on board.  I have to say, it was one of the most fascinating things I had ever watched and I was truly taken aback by the change that had occurred in Pam. Jane's husband, Chris, was also filming the investigation and that is only now after looking back at the tape that bright dimensional orbs which are supposedly the first sign of spirit manifestation, can be seen literally floating by the side of Pam's leg into jane's lap during the trance.  It really is a spectacular sight to see.  (see video clip 1)

After a short break, the lets say, more scary part of the night was about to take place. We were all taken back into the pub and told we were going down into the cellar where a terrible murder was committed many, many years ago. Some people were a little apprehensive but were assured it was totally safe and that they could return to the bar area at any time. So, off we went down the narrow, dark staircase to the cellar below.  It really was a dark, dingy space with moss growing on the walls and puddles of water scattered about. Some of the girls were beginning to feel a little scared of what might be down there but I was more concerned about the growing number of spiders which had mysteriously begun to come and investigate with us. What happened next, however, took me by surprise and if I'm totally honest scared the living daylights out of me.

We had entered into the cellar from the bar area and had to go through a rather ominous looking tunnel to get to the larger areas of the cellar. We started to walk through the tunnel and came out into the area where the barrels are brought down from the street and stored. As I immediately entered this area, and this is the only way I can describe it, it felt as if a thousand people had run up to me all wanting to talk to me at the same time. It knocked me off my feet for a brief second and made my heart beat like it had never felt before.

After the investigation my heart was still beating rather fiercely and I had begun to shake a little but was not scared by what I had experienced.  When we had all gathered in the bar to look at the photographs that had been taken throughout the night, Jane asked if I was ok as I had gone very quiet but I said I was fine and pushed the experience to the back of my mind.  Having met with Jane since the investigation I was told that what I had experienced was spirit and that I had a connection with the local area in a past life.  The experience of taking part in the investigation is something I think I will never forget. One thing I have learnt is that people who do this sort of thing as a hobby or even a living still come up against prejudice and ridicule despite the boom in psychic hotlines, paranormal entertainment programmes on television and vast amounts of books on everything from how to learn tarot cards to UFO hunting.

The people who let us film them were some of the nicest and kindhearted people you can meet. Letting us into their lives without really knowing us at all and allowing us to see into their world knowing we could make complete fools out of them if we wanted to. But this was certainly not the case and I felt I have learnt a little more about the world and the people in it just from one night in a haunted pub.

Story copyright Beckie Jordan - UWIC, Cardiff

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